Buena Vista’s exotic wood products are supplied by Bozovich, an entrepreneurial group with more than 60 years of experience in fine wood products from around the world, and committed to the sustainability and conservation of the Amazon rainforest and its communities.

All exotic woods offered at Buena Vista Flooring range in length from one foot to seven feet, with a width of three to five inches: This is unique to the Ottawa region.

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The following product descriptions will give you a taste of what Buena Vista has to offer. Questions or comments? Feel free to give us a call anytime: 613-225-4449

Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba

This exotic, evocative hardwood is known for its strength, durability and dramatic color, ranging from golden light-brown to salmon and red/brown with the sapwood being white, grey or pink. With a medium feel and varying grain, Jatoba is used in residential and commercial projects alike, displaying its full, rich color that is perfect for high-wear areas as scratches and scuffs remain well-hidden.


This wood has a luxurious appearance and finish with a color range that is yellow to medium-brown with a hint of orange/pink. Moderately resistant to decay and insects, it is commonly used for flooring, luxury furniture and doors, carpentry, joinery and boat building and has an irregular, interlocked grain and coarse feel. Freshly cut, Cerejeira smells of cumarin or vanilla.


Varying between a light brown to a chestnut tone, Cumaru is a popular, durable wood for flooring, cabinetry, furniture and heavy construction. It is known to be weather and decay resistant. Harvested from the Tonka bean tree in the Amazon, it smells of vanilla or cinnamon when being worked. Three times as hard as Red Oak, Cumaru has an interlocked grain with a wavy, coarse feel.


Also called Brazilian Walnut, Ipe is one of the strongest hardwoods in the world – twice as strong as Oak. It is known for its high density and resistance to scratches in high-traffic areas, decay, insects and even fire. With a fine-to-medium texture, this wood ranges in color from a calming olive-brown to a deep brown/black and has a grain that varies from straight to irregular or interlocked. Ipe is commonly used for interior and exterior projects like flooring, decking, veneers, railroads and heavy construction.


A creamy straw color, Marupa has a straight grain with a medium lustre and texture. This exotic wood is typically used for flooring, furniture, interior construction and musical instruments.

Peruvian Cherry / Perobinha

A high-quality hardwood, customers love the rich, deep reddish-browns that Peruvian Cherry displays over time. This is one of the longest-lasting woods that Buena Vista has to offer. Durable with a low-to-medium lustre, Peruvian Cherry is extremely hard and is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

Red Cabreuva

A great wood for high-traffic areas, Cabreuva displays full color variation to help hide wear and tear. With a straight grain and fine-to-medium texture, this wood ranges from yellow in color to salmon to reddish brown. Cabreuva is not only stable and resistant, but elegant and stylish.

Santos Mahogany

Medium-textured with a reticulated grain that exudes a sense of exotic luxury, this wood has a broad color palette ranging from light orange to brown with yellow overtones to dark red and purple brown. Santos Mahogany comes in a range of patterns, is simple to install and finish, durable and easy to clean. For commercial and residential spaces.


Sapele is an exotic hardwood that reacts to light over time, becoming a richer, deeper hue or a lighter, more subtle tone as your home ages. A fine-textured wood, Sapele ranges in coloration from pink when first cut to red/brown and even purple/brown with age. Durable and resistant to termites, this wood is a popular flooring choice as it hides everyday wear-and-tear marks.


A coarse-textured wood, Tornillo is a light to golden brown with characteristic reddish-brown vessel lines due to large, open pores. The grain of this wood is straight or somewhat interlocked with a medium lustre. With a good resistance to weathering, Tornillo is commonly used for construction projects and furniture making.

Tropical Walnut

An exotic wood with a luxurious, wavy grain and rich coloration, Walnut is an easy surface to maintain with a vacuum or dry mop. Tropical, or Peruvian Walnut as it is often called, ranges from a chocolate brown to a sometimes purple hue with the occasional light streak, and has a medium-to-coarse texture and a nice lustre. This wood is often used for flooring, cabinetry, furniture and musical instruments.

White Mahogany

With a high degree of durability, this wood’s strength is comparable to maple and is ideal for various interior and exterior structural applications such as decking, fencing, landscaping, furniture and flooring. It is light in color and medium in texture with a lustre that is medium-to-high. Its grain can be straight, interlocked, irregular or wavy. It is termite resistant with the sapwood being easily treated with preservatives. When freshly cut, it has a pleasant spicy scent.